Top 3 Distance MBA Colleges

3 Best Distance MBA Colleges with Placement

There are many distance learning MBA institutions in India, but only a small number of these top schools provide the top MBA programmes. The ideal alternative for students who cannot attend a traditional MBA programme in a classroom setting is the MBA in distance/online mode, a programme that has been authorized by the UGC and AICTE. Due to the fact that the Distance MBA can be done online without having to visit the college campus, it has gained increased relevance over the past few years. A few characteristics are shared by the best distance learning MBA institutions in India, including UGC recognition, a strong brand name, a constantly updated curriculum, and reasonable tuition.

Top 3 MBA schools in India that provide distance learning

Despite the fact that there are several distance learning MBA programmes, the professionals at have examined over a hundred of these programmes and have chosen the best 3 in India. Here is our list of the top distance MBA colleges in India, which includes the college’s name, significant strengths, and Distance MBA Colleges Fees for the two-year programme.

Distance Learning MBA at NMIMS

One of the leading companies in the distance education market is NMIMS Global Access School for Continuing Education (NGA-SCE), a division of NMIMS University. In addition to other functional specialties of Management, NMIMS also provides a two-year MBA via distance learning in a number of other fields, including human resources, retail, finance, banking, and supply chain.

Key benefits

  • NMIMS was designated as a deemed-to-be university in 2003 in accordance with clause 3 of the UGC Act 1956.
  • One of the top ten business colleges in India, NMIMS offers a distant learning MBA programme.
  • NMIMS’s strong industry connections have elevated it to the ranks of the nation’s premier centers.
  • The best 50 NMIMS MBA students’ CTC packages ranged from INR 25.16 LPA to INR 25.17 LPA. There was a CTC package worth INR 22.89 LPA for the 100 best students. It was INR 21.55 LPA for the top 150 students and INR 20.16 LPA for the top 200 MBA students. There is no typical MBA institute that can match these numbers.

Distance Learning MBA at SCDL Symbiosis

Symbiosis International University includes the Pune-based Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning (SCDL). A variety of industrial areas, information technology, banking and finance, insurance, including international business, supply chain, customer relationship, education, business and corporate law, and entrepreneurship, are covered by a comprehensive selection of distance learning MBA programmes offered by SCDL.

Key benefits

  • The Symbiosis Skills & Professional University includes the Symbiosis Center for Online Learning (SCOL) as a component part.
  • By providing high-quality, reasonably priced education to all societal segments, SCOL aims to reach the underserved.
  • So Students may study anywhere, at any time, the SCOL platform is available as both a web and a mobile application.
  • The range for salaries offered was roughly 25–30 LPA for the highest salary and 5-7 LPA for the lowest.

Distance Learning MBA at IIM

For middle- and senior-level working professionals, the IIMs offer a variety of Executive Management programmes as well as Distance (Online and Blended Learning) Management programmes. These online classes should not be mistaken with a distance learning MBA. It is necessary for students to attend a few lessons on weekends for these brief professional certificate and diploma courses. The Indian Institutes of Management, or IIMs, are the most sought-after B-Schools among MBA candidates. But there are no distance learning MBA programmes offered by IIMs. Therefore, students interested in the IIMs’ distance learning MBA programme can choose from the diploma and certification programmes for working professionals.

Key benefits

  • One must place themselves head and shoulders above their colleagues and be on par with recently graduated MBAs entering the workforce in order to be considered for top-level management positions.
  • A remote learning MBA provides information and training in both old and innovative approaches that may be utilized in the workplace to improve performance.
  • Additionally, these programmes foster the entrepreneurial attitude that is essential for senior management to make critical company decisions.
  • However, the 100 best students in this batch earned an average salary of Rs. 37.95 LPA. At IIM Indore’s placements in 2022, the highest domestic salary offered was Rs 49.00 LPA. The average salary for the graduating batch increased to Rs 24.09 LPA, as well as the median salary CTC for the 100 best offers was Rs 32.75 LPA.

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